PartTimer | Smart recruitment for modern businesses.

Smart recruitment for modern businesses.

The best way to store, manage and find your part-time candidates.

Hassle-free CV management.

Don’t waste time being a paper trail chaser. With PartTimer, you’re given your own unique online hiring page where you can send the Jobseekers who want to work for you. When you’re then ready to hire, simply log on and you’ll find all your CV’s organised and ready to view.

Easy process, great result.

Jobseeker profiles on PartTimer are more than just a CV; they help Jobseekers showcase their personality and skills, whilst also providing added practical information such as their availability and location. By the time the interview rolls around, you’ll truly feel as though you’ve already met them!

Automated applicant tracking.

Keeping up-to-date with how your hiring efforts are going is simple with PartTimer. All you need to do is set your account to notify you when new jobseekers register their interested in working for you, or even when a Jobseeker signs up who fits what you’re looking for.

Get connected instantly.

Found someone you want to interview? Simply send out a contact request including a short description of the job, as well as anything else you’d like them to know. If they’re keen, they’ll hit accept and you can set up an interview right away. If they’re not, don’t sweat it - you won’t be charged a thing.