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Our Story

Founded in early 2016 through the Venture Up youth accelerator programme, PartTimer started out as a service helping high school students find their first part-time job. Shortly after completing the programme however, founder Rebecca Gidall was introduced to Vivian Morresey - the former GM of Sales at Xero and Chief Marketing Officer at GreenButton. The two soon decided to become cofounders and shortly thereafter, they came to the realisation that there were far more problems with part-time recruitment than what was just being experienced by high school students. Soon enough, PartTimer was pivoted to encompass a solution that helped both part-time jobseekers and employers alike, resulting in the service that PartTimer is today.

Meet the founders

Rebecca Gidall

As PartTimer’s youngest director, Rebecca brings a youthful perspective to the team. Along with her devotion to helping young people through her role at PartTimer, much like her cofounder, Rebecca is rife with the entrepreneurial bug. Taking a leap of faith, Rebecca withdrew from University to cofound PartTimer at the beginning of 2016 - needless to say, we’re very glad she did. If you’re ever looking for Rebecca, you will most commonly find her buried in a bean bag fort, working on her laptop. Otherwise, just look for the girl in navy stripes.

Vivian Morresey

Despite his love of the outdoors that only the South Island truly offers, Vivian is a committed Wellingtonian with a strong affinity with the startup community. With over 30 years of experience representing various international brands and technologies that are now part of the history books, Viv brings the wisdom and leadership which has been integral to PartTimer’s success. Regaling stories of life before the Internet, mobile phones and colour screens, Viv has an arsenal of war stories that really will make you wish you never asked.

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