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Feb 05 2018 7 minute read

The importance of getting a part-time job as a young person

As a young person, it’s easy to put off having a part time job until you really need one. After all, you’ll be working for the rest of your life, won’t you? You may be in high school or university and see it as your last chance to be free of commitment. There are actually a surprising amount of advantages to having a part time job. You may find it is a great opportunity, rather than a drag.

Jan 29 2018 9 minute read

5 ways to improve employee retention and motivation

Something many employers struggle with is maintaining employees and finding out what keeps them motivated. Since everyone is different, it can be hard finding something that suits everyone. This New Year, make sure you don’t lose any valuable employees.


1. Open door policy

Jan 24 2018 5 minute read

Want a pay rise? Here are 5 ways to get one.

How to get a pay rise. Don’t kid yourselves, we all want one. It would be nice to have that little extra bit of security rolling into your bank account each week. And it feels good to be recognised for doing great work. So, how do you go about getting one? Below are 5 things which might lead you to a pay rise this year.


1. Be organised.

Jan 15 2018 7 minute read

How social media can make or break your brand image

Social media. The world of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and any platform that allows you to interact with peers. Many of us are sceptical that anything productive can come out of social media. Some of us spend hours a day on social media. So, is it good or is it bad? Like all things, there are advantages and disadvantages to social media. Below are some things to watch out for, as well as some ways you can utilise social media.



Jan 08 2018 9 minute read

Millennials - We’re not all bad!

Young people - all they do is sit around and watch TV. And play video games. And listen to loud music. They’re just lazy - we were never like that when we were young!

Sure. Some of us are like that. Some of us enjoy listening to music at a higher volume and playing video games. Some of us are lazy. But the older generations were once the same as us, so why aren’t we cut some slack? Generation Y, or the Millennials, the generation who were born around the 1984-2000 period, are constantly painted in a negative light.

Dec 18 2017 12 minute read

Overstaffing vs. understaffing: An employee’s perspective

Managing employees is a balancing act many employers struggle with. Sometimes there are too many employees on your team, resulting in complaints from staff that there aren’t enough shifts. Or, you might be understaffed, and you find that when you need to call someone in at short notice, there aren’t enough staff to choose from. Is it better to have too many employees or not enough?


Being understaffed:


Pro: Employees get more hours

Dec 10 2017 9 minute read

What do employers really look for in an employee?

Everyone seems to have a different opinion on what employers actually look for when hiring. Some say work experience is the most important. Others say they look for how many jobs you’ve had and how long you worked there. Some encourage you to write about volunteering or extra-curricular activities. So what is the miracle formula? Below are some things to consider when thinking about what employers really look for.

Work experience

Dec 04 2017 6 minute read

How to craft a great team

Choosing the right team for your workplace can be the key to success. You might be managing several teams at once, or looking at putting together your first team. Whatever type of business you have, your productivity and output can be improved by crafting the right team. This involves choosing the right sized team, the right personalities, and the right roles. Here are some ways to do that:

Balance the dynamics

Nov 27 2017 6 minute read

Volunteering. Do employers care?

The idea that volunteering will look fantastic on your resume is an idea that is drilled into us from a young age. Besides the obvious drive of wanting to make a difference, it is also motivating to think volunteering might help you get a job by improving your resume. And it’s true, it will look great on your resume, but do employers actually care?

Nov 22 2017 8 minute read

Four tips to help take the stress out of recruiting

Recruiting can be a very stressful task, whether you’re trying to recruit at a time when no one seems to want a job, or you are struggling to find the right candidate. Often it can come at an inconvenient time, when help is needed urgently.

May 15 2017 4 minute read

New Feature: Interested In My Business – why you'll love it.

The system already allows you to accurately find part-time workers, but with the introduction of a powerful new feature, you can now store, find and select the Jobseekers who have actually picked your business as a place they’d like to work. Think of it as an online, free storage tool, which provides you with your own database of Jobseekers that you didn’t have to build or even pay to store. This one feature solves many problems, and more importantly it solves them for both Jobseekers and Employers.

Apr 26 2017 10 minute read

Commute distance. Does it really matter?

The distance to commute may not always be the first thing one considers when either hiring or applying for a job. In fact, employers will often completely ignore the commute distance of a potential candidate in order to find someone that’s ‘really good’. Likewise, jobseekers will more often than not accept the first job that comes their way, because after all, a job is a job, right?