PartTimer | New Feature: Interested In My Business – why you'll love it.

New Feature: Interested In My Business – why you'll love it.

May 15 2017

The system already allows you to accurately find part-time workers, but with the introduction of a powerful new feature, you can now store, find and select the Jobseekers who have actually picked your business as a place they’d like to work. Think of it as an online, free storage tool, which provides you with your own database of Jobseekers that you didn’t have to build or even pay to store. This one feature solves many problems, and more importantly it solves them for both Jobseekers and Employers.

We decided to add this feature as many Employers were wanting a way to capture and store CV’s from eager Jobseekers, which may have come from either a businesses own advertising, or from dropped off CV’s. To solve this problem for many employers, the PartTimer system now allows employers to create their own real-time, current pool of resources for practically no effort. Why build your own system, when you can leverage PartTimer’s and receive several benefits? Here are a few reasons why we love our new feature, and you will too:

  1. Every CV is stored electronically, meaning you can quickly filter through them without having to pay storage costs, or having to manage a database.

  2. Jobseekers interested in your business are always able to update their information. What this means is that even if you’re not looking for new staff right now, you can start storing interested Jobseekers straight away, and will never have to worry about having outdated CV’s.

  3. It’s a positive way to either capture or redirect random Jobseekers looking for work at your location. Instead of accepting CV’s, simply ask them to join PartTimer and select your business as a place they’d like to work for.

Clearly there are some employers that value the effort of those Jobseekers who have bothered to drop CV’s to their place of work. We understand that. But while it does show some level of drive, the reality is that they’ve probably dropped their CV off to many other businesses around the area, and by the time you get around to looking at their CV, they make have already been snapped up or are not actually available to work when you need them. In short, it’s an archaic process that really relies on luck and timing.

- VM