PartTimer | Four tips to help take the stress out of recruiting

Four tips to help take the stress out of recruiting

Nov 22 2017

Recruiting can be a very stressful task, whether you’re trying to recruit at a time when no one seems to want a job, or you are struggling to find the right candidate. Often it can come at an inconvenient time, when help is needed urgently.

Recruiting involves many variables. Will the candidate be as good in person as they are on paper? Will they do a good job? These are all questions we consider when trying to decide on the right candidate. Recruiting also involves time and money, for the advertising, hiring and training process. If you choose the wrong candidate, it can be frustrating to start again. Here are four tips to take the stress out of recruiting:

  1. Have a list of workers at the ready

At some points during the year you might have an abundance of CVs being dropped in everyday by people who want to work for you, and at other times, you might be struggling to find anyone willing to apply. To avoid the stress of urgently needing to find someone, it’s best to have a store of CVs to be able to choose from later. When you receive a CV, check it to see whether they might meet your requirements, and if so, add it to the collection. If not, get rid of it, as your requirements are unlikely to change within a year. Make sure you renew the collection annually, as availability, phone numbers and other details are subject to change. A management system like PartTimer’s can come in handy for making sure the information in the CVs stays up to date.

  1. Know what you’re looking for

Searching through a long list of candidates can be a daunting task. It’s especially daunting if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. Before you start looking through the list of potential candidates, have an idea of the sort of person you’d like to hire. What skills do you need them to have? What sort of characteristics are you looking for? The role you’re trying to fill might be suitable to a certain type of person. Using filters to select those who will and won’t be suitable makes it easier to narrow down a list. Maybe you can filter out anyone who doesn’t have experience, or someone who isn’t familiar with customer service. Being sure on what you’re looking for will save you a lot of time when you’re deciding whether to interview someone.

  1. Recruit early

Depending on the type of business you are, you might have a particularly busy period during the year. We all know how busy the summer season is for hospitality and retail stores in the lead up to Christmas. Maybe you are in the adventure tourism industry and need extra hands for winter. Prepare for your peak season. Often, managers are struggling to have enough hands on deck during these times, especially when their staff want time off for holidays. The solution is to recruit early. Recruit early enough to give them enough time to get settled in and trained properly. This will also give you enough time to assess whether they’re a good fit, and going to produce good results. If your business tends to become busy from November onwards, consider recruiting in September. That way, you’ll avoid the stress of being understaffed, and the stress of trying to train people in the middle of the peak season.

  1. Choose personality

A worry many managers have when they hire someone new is whether they will get along with the existing team, and whether they are the sort of person they want working for their company. Often a workplace culture develops within the business, which can be hard for a new staff member to fit into. A team that works well together is more efficient, and produces a higher quality of work than one which has competing personalities. This means picking personality is important. More often than not, unless it is a specialised role requiring a certain type of experience, skills can be learnt. Prioritise personality. Choose someone with the right work ethic, who will fit in well with your team, both socially and in a workplace environment. If you have the right personality, you can train them to be the best at their role.

It’s easier said than done, but recruiting doesn’t need to be a stressful job. You don’t need another dreaded task on your to-do list. So, next time you’re hiring, keep in mind these four tips, to help make your life easier.

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- CR