PartTimer | Want a pay rise? Here are 5 ways to get one.

Want a pay rise? Here are 5 ways to get one.

Jan 24 2018

How to get a pay rise. Don’t kid yourselves, we all want one. It would be nice to have that little extra bit of security rolling into your bank account each week. And it feels good to be recognised for doing great work. So, how do you go about getting one? Below are 5 things which might lead you to a pay rise this year.


1. Be organised.

There’s no point giving a pay rise to someone who is constantly late, unprepared and unsure of what today’s meeting is about. To be worthy of a pay rise, you don’t necessarily need to be the first one in the office everyday, but you need to prove to them you are organised with your time management. You probably have a million things going on in your life; this is where prioritisation comes into play. Work and family are most likely at the top of the list, so even if you’re really hoping for a payrise, make sure you still put time aside for your other top priorities.


2. Don’t overwork

Although it’s important to prove you are doing a good job, try not to work overtime in order to get a payrise. This will only lead to you feeling like you have to continue working more hours when you do get a pay rise, which is likely to be unsustainable in the long term. You can only work so much so as to maintain a healthy work-life balance. If work isn’t the only thing that’s important in your life, it will become more and more difficult to spread your time evenly across your priorities.


3. Be a team player

Yes, it is a competitive environment when you know the boss is looking to give out a couple of pay rises. You can expect to run into some (healthy) competition from your workmates. But that doesn’t mean you have to play dirty. When you get the pay rise, you still want to be able to have some friends at work. Treat your workmates with respect and it won’t go unnoticed. You’re all on the same team, and those aren’t bridges worth burning over money.


4. Remember why you were hired

Were you hired because you have exceptional literacy skills? Or because you are able to adapt your skills to a range of jobs and tasks? Remember these things when you are going about your daily work. Those were the reasons why they wanted you, and probably still part of the reason they want to keep you now. Play to your strengths and apply those skills to every situation possible.


5. Ask for one

There is no harm in asking. If you do ask, make sure you do it in person, and pick your timing right. Be prepared for potential questions your boss might ask you, such as “why do you think you deserve a pay rise?”. Have a list of things you’ve done recently at the ready in order to impress them. This might be meeting KPIs, going above and beyond with your clients, or picking up other team members tasks when needed. Remember to list recent things - it doesn’t matter that you picked up Susie’s extra work back in 2012.


- CR